Clever fall arrest device [Safe-Tec]


Enclosure design for a range of fall arrest retractors.

Case material: impact-resistant plastic

Material: stainless steel

Lanyard Material: Polyamide


Client: Safe-Tec. 2018

The blocking device is used to ensure the safety of high-altitude work carried out in difficult conditions.
The blocking device is a one-arm retractable type security device with the function of self-locking and retractable tape return. The brake mechanism instantly works at sharp change of speed of a drawing of a tape.

Clever functionally replaces the line and reduces the risk of falling to a minimum. The device can be attached to anchor points located at shoulder or leg level.

Can be used in pairs with the "not a step without insurance" system.

Development of a similar body for a large pulley for 25 m of rope.