Design for shut-off valves. 

The Product set on ships, Oil and Gas industry, where need distant control of opening of pipes.

Concept for Armalit. 2022


New case design.
The body is compact and symmetrical and has 6 faces in cross section. Which are necessary for fastening the eyeliner and other elements. The parts have the same assembly principle as before, but fewer connecting bolts are used. Each part of the case can be removed separately for access and maintenance of the mechanism. And 2 parts of the case of the gearbox are (probably) is the same, which will save on the production of the mold. They differ only in the processing of the holes.


The new valve understudy is painted in contrast to the body and will stand out against its background and attract attention. Also, it is equipped with a handle for easy rotation. But unlike competitors, the handle folds inward and does not interfere with work. For her, you can not catch on clothes, for example.

Details of corpus made from aluminum. Top case is symmetrical and allow to bind additional detail on the sides. Lower case make from 2 identical detail, what saves on industrial operations. All detail is easy assembly and easy maintenance of stuff

Old design looks like that. 

I have developed options for color schemes for painting the body so that the product is more noticeable among analogues. 

Also, the color of the case has 2 colors and a logo on one side for brand identification.