Water Boiler

Design of case for water boiler.

Concept for KREMZ. 2022


Create a competitive, attractive product look.
Apply product color coding, add branding and markings on the case.
Organize the aesthetics of the installation of the gasket and fastening of cables.
Create the appearance of individual parts. If possible, close the electronic filling of the control unit.


Contrasting coloring of details highlights the geometry of the product and attracts attention. Color coding can be performed for different models in the same way and thereby unite them and distinguish the manufacturer from competitors. Or in different colors, thereby designating certain models of products.

The logo on the hood of the upright boiler is clearly visible and readable. The logo itself has been redesigned and updated. Also, the identification of the product model was applied to the case. In this case, the number 100 is the designation of its power and model.

We have developed the design of the box for the control box. Which closes the electronic stuffing. The box has a window for access to information on the display and control buttons, as well as a door for access to the inside of the connected units.

Made the design of the legs of the product. The leg itself has a more attractive appearance and repeats the geometry of the case. Also, this part allows you to mount the boiler at different points and at different angles of rotation of the boiler.